My name is Caylee Marie Anthony i will be 3 years old on August 9th. i have shoulder-length, light brown hair and i have dark hazel (brown/green) eyes. i have a birth mark on my left shoulder/arm. i’m approximately 3 feet tall, and weigh about 35 lbs. If you have any information on the whereabouts or well-being of Caylee Marie Anthony since June 16, 2008 please notify the authorities by using the phone numbers below: Orange County Missing Persons Unit 407-254-7000 407-836-HELP (4357) Detective Yuri Melich office 407.254.7000 (ext. 70633) Crimeline: 1-800-423-TIPS (8477) If you cannot get through at the numbers above or are not contacted for a follow up within 48 hours please contact Caylee’s family at the phone number below: Anthony Family Residence: 407-275-4909 Donate To The Trust Fund A trust fund has been established to assist in the efforts in finding Caylee. You may send check, money order, or cash to the address below: Help Find Caylee Marie Anthony c/o Bichler & Kelley, PA 807 West Morse Boulevard, Suite 201 Winter Park, Florida 32789 Make the check or money order payable to “Help Find Caylee Marie Anthony”. You may also donate by visiting any SunTrust Banking location. Advise the bank teller that you’d like to donate to the Help Find Caylee Marie Anthony account. If you’d like information on how to make an online wire transfer please contact Caylee’s uncle Lee Anthony at 407-808-5132 or via email at I made this montage for Caylee Marie

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Comments (25)

  1. davesaullo

    Listen to the Caylee Anthony Memorial Song, now on youtube, search: “YOU DIDNT SAY GOODBYE Dave Saullo”

  2. cloudsinmyise

    The twelve jurors are fucking idiots………..hope they can live with setting a killer free !

  3. P3p1ta11

    poor baby caylee her mother will pay for this when she is dead the ppl that dislike this r the ppl that had something to do with her death

  4. 40genie­-supreme-court-try-casey-antho­ny-in-federal-court HELP RETRY CASEY ANTHONY IN FEDERAL COURT

  5. bribaby2015

    This hold thang makes me sick !! im only 15 and i have an almost 7 month old baby girl named hailey and i cant understand why someone would do that to there kid. its sad how she party and left her kid in the car with no air and taped her mouth. poor little girl. your in all our prays and in our hearts <3 r.w.l (: – brianna jackson

  6. purpleepicunicorns

    @litbro101 IKR like wTF who would do this to a cute little angel <3

  7. AdaleDixie

    This is beautiful…as is all videos made in memory of this precious angel. Casey should have gotten the same sentence she gave her daughter…death! There was no justice for Caylee…justice turned her head when it came to this child…now this babys blood is on the hands of the jurors that let Casey go free!

  8. YurinaSensei

    3:14 D: she looks dead :'( poor little baby.
    Caylee you did not deserve this!!
    You’re mom did not deserve a daughter like you.
    She deserved nothing but punishment and you deserve justice. we all love you baby caylee marie anthony!!! R.I.P

  9. johnnytijeras

    im casey anthony i wanna party all the time.
    in back of harleys all the time i got bacardy on my mind.
    this little brat is always crying tonite i got a date with ryan
    let me think of a plan cause i really dont mind her dying
    chloroform and a rag i gotta give it a try
    if they find her it aint nothing i’ll just make up a lie
    she got kinnaped or she drowned in the pool than ill cry
    or i’ll lie about her where abouts . than ill drink n get high

  10. johnnytijeras

    my daughters missing she got kidnapp by somebody on drugs
    i mean she drown in the pool good bye im off to the club
    im young and looking for love. no expresions on my mug
    did i just get away with murder? who cares i dont give a fuck
    ima write a book and make a mill my movies gonna be a thrill
    fuck living in florida ill buy a mansion in the hills
    and ill continue to pop pills show black boys that i got some skills
    have 3some drink champagne and chill.. cause i got license to kill

  11. tonilove623

    who ever disliked this video should be ashamed of themselves.
    This one’s for caylee ♥ RIP CAYLEE MARIE ANTHONY (August 9, 2005 – June 16, 2008 )
    Justice was not served for caylee, but we will never forget her or forgive those who are responsible for her death and this injustice. Rip Baby girl<3

  12. Missbigfan44

    @moonlitbabe Lovely Poem, it is beautiful. Caylee is now free from a abusing, unloving, mother. No more pain and suffering.

  13. Musicluver8081

    It’s so sad to think that there is nothing else that we can do to help this innocent little girl live with a loving family. But we do know that God is with her and she is in a better place. Casey Anthony didn’t deserve Caylee, a beautiful girl. Casey had many other options. She could have put her up for adoption or could have asked for help. But instead, she chose to kill this amazing little girl. R.I.P Caylee Anthony. We are keeping you in our thoughts day and night…

  14. SupaFresh95

    stupid bitch, if you didnt wanted her, you should off given her to me!
    i would off opened my arms to this amazingly beautiful child.

  15. peace454rock

    :( i have been crying all day:(
    It breaks my heart

  16. Inuyashasluver83

    I can’t believe this if i was a mother i wouldn’t go to parties after knowing my daughter is dead its called a true mother and a true mother wouldn’t kill her own child for any reason but to find a good home for her or him if all she wanted was to party

  17. TheSoccergirl712

    Who would do tht to a little girl she didnt deserve tht!

  18. katillusion2005

    They found Casey NOT GUILTY!!!!!

  19. Brandiandmonique1

    How the hell can someone dislike this? WTF.

  20. anonwillprevail247

    My favorite actress’ name is Sharon marie tate, she was murdered on august 9th she had big brown eyes just like caylee marie. Thats a weird coincidence. AND R U FUCKING KIDDING ME? SHE FED HER TO ALLIGATORS????? WHAT THE FUCK!!!!?????

  21. ashileyn82

    so sad cant stop crying…r i p baby caylee your happy now.

  22. druspiketruelove

    what is the name of this song?

  23. television1991

    On my 11th birthday im goin to cry because she has the same birthday as me and it’s on the 9th of august

  24. 4everDRHS

    ima cry She so cute!

  25. amylouisedaley

    Caylee spread your wings beautiful angel.. and watch over us down here… We love you and miss you :)

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